Volume 27: Episode 1: Win A Date With Patches Walker Night 1

Patches meets 14 hopeful hunks, including several men from Patches’ history before leaving A Date With Patches Walker; 10 hunks remain at the end of the night.

We are playing A Game of Love by Lauren McManamon, based on The Final Girl by Gas Mask Games, available in The Gauntlet’s Love 2 Codex

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Exiled Free Comic Book Day Special 2019

An alternate team of Exiles – Kid Colt, Dr. Light, Stardust the Super Wizard, and Mysterio team up to bust a target out of a future prison in this Free Comic Book Day Special!

Kid Colt and his Hammond Organ is Al Ewing

Dr. Light is Jean Adaser

Stardust the Super Wizard is Jeff Lester

Mysterio is Madison Rowan who also did the cover art!