Volume 28: Episode 5: They Say It’ll Kill Me… But They Won’t Say When

Bethany Broadoak has summoned her brother, Captain Avalon to the planet of Oa to stand off against the Exiles team of Jean Grey, Negative Man, Spider-Man, and Hellcat. Can the Exiles fight one of their biggest foes and prevent the merger of the Green Lanterns and the Britannic Empire?

The 2019 Cliff Steele 5th Week Special

The Doom Patrol, Cliff Steele the Negative Man, Rita Farr the Robot-Girl, Larry Trainor the Elasti-Man, and Garfield Logan the Mento-Boy, led by the mysterious Chief, stand as a force for good in a dangerous world – but what dark dangers will be unveiled as they face the freakish Ur-Ar-Ir Man!

(Go listen to Joel on Critical Biiiiiiiits)

Art by Rad.

Volume 27: Episode 4: Win A Date With Patches Walker Night 4

The 6 remaining Hunks go to war again to try and impress Patches and to actually get some time with him.

We are playing A Game of Love by Lauren McManamon, based on The Final Girl by Gas Mask Games, available in The Gauntlet’s Love 2 Codex