The 2018 eXiles-Force 5th Week Special

When the danger in the multiverse is too damn intense for anyone else – in comes eXiles-Force! Shatterstar, Rictor, Dazzler and Arcade are sent on a mysterious mission but who is really pulling the strings – and what are those strings forming? Is it a trap? Is it a noose? Only one thing is certain – it isn’t a friendship bracelet because this isn’t your father’s summer camp!

Art by Rad.

Mr. Claw Madness Is Here!

Mr. Claw’s Fighting Tournament is coming and if you fill out our bracket, you have the chance to win a big prize. All entires must be submitted to before Saturday, March 30th when the first episode hits the Patreon feed.

No asking players who wins the tournament, no using unfair advantages.


I’ll figure out something – put probably at least a signed set of Exiled podcast cards once the arc is done.


Not sure how they work but I will figure it out! I think the most correct guesses wins.

Below is the link, fill it out with your predictions, email it back!

Downloadable Fighting Tournament Bracket