The 2019 Cliff Steele 5th Week Special

The Doom Patrol, Cliff Steele the Negative Man, Rita Farr the Robot-Girl, Larry Trainor the Elasti-Man, and Garfield Logan the Mento-Boy, led by the mysterious Chief, stand as a force for good in a dangerous world – but what dark dangers will be unveiled as they face the freakish Ur-Ar-Ir Man!

(Go listen to Joel on Critical Biiiiiiiits)

Art by Rad.

Volume 27: Episode 4: Win A Date With Patches Walker Night 4

The 6 remaining Hunks go to war again to try and impress Patches and to actually get some time with him.

We are playing A Game of Love by Lauren McManamon, based on The Final Girl by Gas Mask Games, available in The Gauntlet’s Love 2 Codex

Volume 27: Episode 1: Win A Date With Patches Walker Night 1

Patches meets 14 hopeful hunks, including several men from Patches’ history before leaving A Date With Patches Walker; 10 hunks remain at the end of the night.

We are playing A Game of Love by Lauren McManamon, based on The Final Girl by Gas Mask Games, available in The Gauntlet’s Love 2 Codex

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