Catch-Up To Win A Date With Patches Walker

Want to listen to Win A Date With Patches Walker without needing to deal with the entire rest of the archive?
You are in luck with 2 expedited ways.
Shortened listening list:
Hellcat 5th Week Special Part 1
Hellcat 5th Week Special Part 2
Volume 22: Episode 2: Superman: The Cat’s Eye
Volume 26: Episode 3: Strange Encounters
Volume 26: Episode 4: The Damnation Game

Short summary:
The team is part of the Exiled organization that is working to save the multiverse. It currently consists of:
Jean Grey aka Marvel Girl – She is the longest running member of the team who is in a relationship with Diana aka Wonder Woman from a universe created by Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.
Spider-Man aka Peter Parker – He was teen cop in Gotham City who stopped Batman from losing his parents because of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. He has a girlfriend in “his home dimension” and ended up on the team due to a Spider-Verse style crossover.
Cliff Steele aka Negative Man – He’s dealing with the fact that he might be a fictional construct created by Neil Gaiman’s Sandman as part of a long running existential crisis. He is also figuring out if he is the team dad or not.
Patches Walker aka Hellcat – He ended up falling in love with Superman in a pocket dimension created by Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, and also stole a super powered cat suit.
Francois Lartigue aka Wendigo – He was replaced by Cliff on the team because he has now eaten and replaced Neil Gaiman’s Sandman as Lord of Dreams.

The team was recently split up between two missions with Cliff and Jean dealing with their overarching foe, the Captain Britain Corps, while Patches and Peter went to London to stop Egress, the evil version of Access (from Marvel Vs DC and Amalgam Comics) from merging the army of N’Garai space demons with an army of Vertigo style demons lead by Barbas, the Great President of Hell, who did not wish to work with Egress. Patches, to save himself and Peter, went to sell his soul to prevent the demonic takeover, but found out his soul actually belongs to Axso, a Spineless One (like Mojo), who then appeared and took Patches away. They did stop the demons though.
Previously Patches’ life was part of a Truman Show-esqe setup where Axso was producing events to happen in Patches life which revolved around him, his relationship complications with Buzz Baxter and Greg Grant, along with his friends Chili Storm and Hedy Wolfe. He eventually left the show somehow and became a superhero on the Exiled team. He has not checked on his friends since.