How does this game work?

There are 3 things the game runs on, dice rolls, stats, and the chart. Dice rolls are made using a 100-sided or percentile dice. Character stats have a number and named ranks like Good (10), Excellent (20), Unearthly (100), or if you go big, Beyond. The chart is below. When you roll a percentile die, you match your result on the left hand row and find your corresponding stat rank.


Stats fall into 3 categories, base attributes, advanced attributes, and Luke’s bullshit.

Base attributes are your FASERIP. Fighting (hitting things), Agility (being fast), Strength (lifting things), Endurance (doing those things for a while), Reason (putting things together), Intuition (feeling things), Psyche (emotional brain stuff).

The four physical stats, FASE, and the three mental stats RIP produce the advanced attributes – health (the combined score of the stats) and karma (the combined score of the stats). Health is health, karma is experience points – but also a bit beyond that. You can use it for rerolls, better chances, new uses of your powers, etc. I’m pretty flexible with it.

Luke’s bullshit is the last thing. The game doesn’t handle connections well so I cribbed the idea for backgrounds from 13th Age. Instead of being a scientist with science knowledge, I’ve instead got a background in geophysics for example – so if I have 3 points, I can get up to a +3 column shift bonus – so if my Reason was normally Good (10), it would go up to Incredible (40). It allows a bit more for improv or determining relationships.

Powers work similarly to stats but the wide array makes them more difficult but the basics are still the same, roll the percentile, see your stat and match them on the chart.