Exiled 2022 Annual: Infinity Havoc

At the Panopticon at the center of Infinity, there is a target which all seek to enter. Sorry, that’s a Target which all seek to enter, proper noun. Join Ms. Smasher, Spider-Lantern, Wendigo, Hawklock, Bethany Broadoak, Patches Walker, and Teen Dracula as they enter the Target to get drunk and try to not get thrown out!

Cover art by A D’amico!

Playing TargMargs from Bannerless Games (included as a variant of Killer Ratings)

Exiled 2021 Annual: Curse of the Metaverse

Wendigo came back to the Panopticon looking for help fight against something that is stealing dreams, but since his friends are mostly gone or busy, he got stuck with the legacies. Now it’s up to Spider-Man, Patches Walker, and Ms. Smasher to team up and go to a mysterious world! Plus, the exciting character find of 2021!

Cover art by A D’amico!

Exiled 2020 Annual: Labor Day

Cliff and Mistress Sinister have moved out to a Panoptichron suburb and are having a Labor Day Party! They’ve invited out Patches, Peter, Bethany, Amora, and somehow also Wendigo! But does the placid seeming neighborhood hide something darker underneath it, and can Cliff really man a grill all by himself?

Cover art by Colt Hoskins

Exiled Annual #3: Chapter 1: The Curse of Susan

The incomplete mission of Operation: Gaheris threatens to undo everything that the Exiles strived to do so Billiard Balls has no choice but to send in Peter Parker, the Spider-Man, to go in to try and save Teen Dracula, Carol Danvers, Aidan Reed the Human Torch, and Dana Brown aka Spider-Punk.

Cover by A. D’Amico.

Assault On Camelot Eternal: Operation: Merlin

As The Britannic Empire prepares to launch a deadly assault on the Panoptichrons, it falls to Marvel Boy, The Buckeye, Guy Fieri, and Hellboy to travel into the Camelot Eternal and face the dangers that lay within! But do they stand a chance against the deadly head of the Britannic Empire, the Mad Wizard Merlin?