What is this?

Exiled is a weekly podcast using the classic Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing Game system from the 80’s and 90’s to tell the story of a team of superheroes traveling between universes to solve problems.

Why is it called Exiled?

In the 00’s, Marvel produced a series called Exiles about a group of superheroes picked from alternate universes forced to work together to solve problems, so the podcast is a riff on it.

So is this Marvel fanfiction as a podcast?

Collaborative fanfiction but yes, essentially. There’s some rules Luke has in place so it’s out of canon – because infinite multiverse, but it’ll be like the Campaign podcast is with Star Wars. In the same creative domain, but free to explore.

Will *insert universe or character* ever show up?

No idea. For universes, Luke is trying to avoid canonical universes, and the characters that show up depend on the stories and who the party wants to play.

What happens if a character dies?

Just like in the comic they are immediately replaced.

Is there some longer arching story?


Are the characters balanced at all? I mean Jubilee and Wendigo seem unbalanced.

Luke did some math to try and balance everyone out. Math!

Is the Marvel Super Heroes game still in print?

Nope, TSR (which originally published Dungeons and Dragons) got bought out by Wizards of the Coast. The last supplement was published in 1992 and that was a bunch of character updates. Luckily there is a reasonably sized fan community. (And Luke is collecting the physical copies of the books when he can. )

Do you stat out all of the characters?

I use two resources heavily beyond the books – Classic Marvel Forever (which has scans of the books and a forum) and the Ben Reilly Angelfire site (careful – lots of popups). If something doesn’t exist in these or the books I’ll stat it out or find the closest equivalents like with Jubilee.

Can I get copies of the character sheets and game plans that you use?

Probably maybe. It may be a Patreon reward if enough people are interested, but for now you can message Luke for them.

How do you roll dice on the show?

We use a variety of dice rolling apps and rely on the buddy system.

How do you record?

We use a site called Zencaster that records everything on separate tracks.

How do you edit the podcast?

Luke uses Garageband.

What’s the deal with the sound quality?

Luke lives near a highway and the other players live across the country (and also Canada – James) so we have to take a gambit on sound quality sometimes.

When do new episodes go up?

Every Saturday once Luke is up and available.

Can I listen to episodes early?

Sure can, you just need to back the Patreon.