The 2019 Hellcat 5th Week Special Pt 1

Spring fling has sprung at Montclair High School but tempers are as hot as summer break! Tensions are high between new transfer Greg Grant and Buzz Baxter as Buzz’s dirty tricks to dominate in Field Day were left in the mud. Hedy Wolfe’s hands stayed clean as ever AND got Clicker Holbrook to pull that nasty little exposé before it went to press, but now she owes Chili Storm a favor, a debt which that fiery gal won’t be soon to forget. There’s not much that gets past the eager ears of V Starr though, and what could V do when Patches, their good friend and fellow hunter of truth, came to them crying about how “Greg Grant was ruining his life because Buzz isn’t going to get the internship from Mr. McCoy and now his mom won’t let them date because he needs someone who’s not a ‘distraction’ from his ‘studies'”, not tell him? He didn’t take to the truth nearly as well as V expected, but it’s fine because they know exactly what will bring Patches around on Greg, make him forget about Buzz, AND why he was ever mad at them in the first place! And Greg has been so friendly to them lately, who could be a better guy for Patches. However, irony abounds over Pall Malls, as Chili Storm suggests Millie Collins’ upcoming house party as the perfect place to engineer an opportunity for Greg to connect with the person who’s caught his eye…and clear the way to her own bubbly blonde.

Cover art by RAD

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